JICPOPS stands for the Joint Industry Committee for Population Standards and is supported by the advertising industry including the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, The Incorporated Society of British Advertisers, The Market Research Society, BARB, JICREG, PAMco, RAJAR, Route and UKOM.

JICPOPS was set up in 1998 to ensure there are compatible population and household universes for British media research currencies - BARB, JICREG, PAMco, Route, RAJAR, UKOM and so on. Their areas are created from 9000+ postcode sectors and there are 16 age within sex counts for each, as well as total households. The figures are updated annually and have been produced for the whole of the UK (ie including Northern Ireland) for every year since 2002.

The data is compiled, under the eagle eye of the JICPOPS technical committee, by CACI, which sells its own and JICPOPS data.